Samantha Bullock was born to Wilmoth and Camilla Bullock on 8th July 1979.  She had a happy childhood and was eldest of her four siblings, Vanessa, Dwaine, Craig, and Janelle.

‘Samantha was full of life, enjoyed everything that life had to offer and was the best sister ever’ says Venessa, her sister.

Samantha later married Paul Clarke and lived between High Wycombe and London with their son.  

Samantha was devoted to her family.  She lived for her son and wanted only the best for him. Through all the challenges that life threw at her, Samantha was a fighter and though struggling at times, rose up, dusted herself off and grew stronger.

‘The death of Samantha was unexpected and leave the entire family devastated!  She was 38 years old with a bright and prosperous future ahead of her.  There will be a hole in our hearts forever’ says her dad.

Samantha will be remembered differently by everyone who knew her.

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